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          下载 BYOD Specification (PDF 200KB).

          When deciding to buy a device to bring to school ask these questions:


          These devices are recommended for students to bring to school because:

          For more device information download the BYOD Specification (PDF 200KB).


          我已经有一个设备, can I register this as my BYOD device? 

          Yes! However you need to check to see if your device meets the specifications listed in the specification sheet.  

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          Students that do not own a device can get a device with the required specifications on loan from the school.

          For students wishing to receive a loaned device for less than one term while they are waiting to buy or get a more permanent device repaired:

          For students wishing to receive a loaned device for longer than one term:

          Loaned devices remain the property of 手机澳门银河. Students are responsible for the care and upkeep of the loaned device.


          Getting connected to the departments network


          1. It is recommended that parents and caregivers read the BYOD政策 carefully with their children.
          2. Download and print a user agreement or collect one from the front office or IT office. 
          3. Complete the user agreement ensuring all fields have been accurately completed and signed.
          4. Take your device and completed user agreement, in person to the IT staff in the IT office at the Learning Centre located in the library.
          5. IT人员将:
          6. Begin your BYOD journey by accessing all your needs for school through the student portal.

          The IT staff can give you WiFi access during lunch 1 and lunch 2.

          Students are not able to complete this process during their timetabled lessons unless accompanied by a note from their teacher.



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